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Around The Sun: Saturday Night At The Cricket Club Hop

Steve Harrison recalls beery, fun-filled nights at the local hop.

We lived for Saturday nights, and the cricket club dance. These dances were not held every Saturday. It was every second or third Saturday of every month with a moon it it. Something silly like that. It was so confusing that I prepared every Saturday for the possibility of a cricket club dance.

These dances were held in an enormous room. There were big drawing cards. The drinks were cheap, there were loads of girls, and the place stayed open until a least two in the morning.

The objective was to consume as much alcohol as possible, then dance with as many girls as possible before falling over unconscious. If you remembered how you got home after a cricket club dance you had failed.

On the day after each dance we had stories to share about where we had woken up that morning: in a field, under a bush, on a park bench, in the back of a car. Those were great times!

David Wragg always danced a belting riff to a song called Jigga Jig while holding what started out as a full pint of beer in one hand. At the end of the dance his glass would be empty. Not that he had drunk the beer. The rest of us were swimming in it! That dance floor was always sticky because of spilled beer. Perhaps that is why the dances were only held once a month. It took them four weeks to clean the floor.

When last orders were called the aim was to drink as many beers as possible in the final ten minutes before the bar closed. We lined up to order three pints of beer each. Those dances were a marathon exercise in binge drinking - and we loved them.


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