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Here's Alison: The Naked Bus

The naked bus company is a low fare bus company which operates in New Zealand. www.nakedbus.com

Thoughts of being one of their passengers inspired Alison Ross to write the following poem.

Id like to take a ride
In the Naked Bus
But I wouldnt take my clothes off
Though I know theyd make a fuss.

Their fares are most respectable
Just a dollar, city to city
Plus a booking fee of seventy cents
It really is a pity.

I think I recognize that guy
Behind me in the queue
Perhaps he is a pervert
Good lord what shall I do?

Ill never find a bus as cheap
And I so long to cross the straight
(I think it was in high-school
That he asked me for a date)

This naked bus might be real cheap
But in truth Im rather shy
So Ill have to miss this trip today
And go home and have a cry!


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