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Poetry Pleases: To Inspire The Vanquished

Tracy Gaddin's heart-felt poem expresses desperation, and a desire to be free from hangups.

At the heart of Tracy's words is a deep sympathy for and a desire to help those who suffer from depression.

I wish to compose a poem
To inspire the vanquished
To lead the bewildered
To praise the forgotten.

I wish to compose a poem
To feed starving souls
To quench curious minds
To oppose the ambitious
To validate the simple downtrodden.

I wish to compose a poem
Bursting with imagery
Rich in symbol
Broad in appeal
Luscious language rolling off lips
Commanding attention
Subtle messages - powerful punch
Oh, to realise my potential ...

My mind churns
My body trembles
My soul aches
Shackled by self-doubt
Ensnared by self-harm behaviour
Confined to my constrictive comfort zone

I scream out...

"I want to be free
Please, please release me
From torment and misery!"

Let me know joy
Let me know simplicity
Let me know comfort in a crowd
Let me sit alone without disturbing thoughts
For even just a while.

Please let me be...


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