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Poetry Pleases: Vasbyt - Alles Sal Regkom - (Hang In There - Everything Will Come Right)

Recently we published a poem entitled To Inspire The Vanquished by Tracy Gaddin which brought an enthusiastic and appreciative response from readers around the world.

From the depths of her own anguish Tracy was able to fashion words which brought sympathetic comfort to troubled souls.

Here is another poem by Tracy - an offering of nourishing words that will implant themselves in hearts and minds.

From my cigarette spiralling smoke
Such is my new found hope

Once a past of despair
A broken heart beyond repair

A hunger for substitute nourishment
Vasbyt - alles sal regkom
Self-control so hard to implement

As night would lead to day
Till as late as possible I lay

Gathering my strength for the morrow
A dark musical escape from the sorrow

Down but far from out
That's what I'm all about

With tenacity and Divine sustained will
I'm nearing the top of this hill

To those who have given me unfailing support
Thank you, and to my Loving Maker

Lord, open my lips and my mouth will sing Your praise


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