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Here's Alison: A Frightened Little Maid

The outbreak of war brought terror to one little girl. Alison Ross tells of a memory from her childhood.

She could feel terror
Hiding ‘neath the hedge
Peeping into shadows
Bordering on the edge

Of an unknown evil
Heart pounding, so afraid
Playing Hide and Seek
A frightened little maid.

She knew that all her siblings
Were also in the dark
For them it was a game
They thought it quite a lark.

But War had been declared
She had heard the BBC
The enemy was everywhere
She was scared as she could be.

She was just a little maid
And ‘they’ were getting nearer
In the blackness of the night
She was petrified with terror.

Times have softened memories
But she still recalls the fears
And how the terror lasted
For many, many years.


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