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Here's Alison: Rugby World Cup 2007

"Passing a father and a son on the way down to the dairy I heard the lad ask his dad what a forward pass was. I imagined the answer.''

Kiwi Alison Ross presents a sporting poem.

What ‘s a ‘forward pass’ Dad
Is it some guy touching Sissie’s boob?

No Son, it’s a Rugby pass
Guaranteed to make one lose

Like that forward pass
When France got themselves a try

And took the match illegally
Made our Rugby Fans all cry!

It seems that the touch judges
Ignored a forward pass

They should never ever do that
They want kicking in the arse!

Yes sports aren’t what they used to be
I’m glad Rugby’s not your game

Don’t ever cheat at sports son
Play fair and play the game.


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