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U3A Writing: The Fancy Dress Party

There were Cowboys and Knights, Andy Pandy and Looby Loo...

Irene Grundy tells of a fancy dress party.

Every Year Tom and I had a party
round my Birthday, the 4th of November.
I'll tell you today of the one do
that I will always remember.

That year was a fancy dress party.
We lived near a Pub - The Bay Horse.
There were 40 or 50 people there;
we lived in a big house, of course!

There were all sorts of characters there.
There were flintstones and Cowboys and Knights.
Tom's best friend came as a woman.
He looked a right Charlie in tights!

Tom went as Andy Pandy.
Of course I was Looby Loo!
But how to fashion his costume?
It took me hours to do.

A trip to the Monday Market -
Striped cotton in blue and white.
I laid Tom on it and cut round his shape,
sewed it up, put it on. What a sight!

Then quite late in the evening
the men thought a good idea
would be to go to the Bay Horse
and quoff down a great deal of beer!

The motley crew entered the Tap room.
The locals would all be amazed!
But they all carried on playing dominoes;
not one eyebrow was raised!

You'll see in one of the photos
I'm standing holding a 'po'.
I always filled it with crisps
- a funny idea I know!

The bloke there is Alan Morson,
Everyone called him 'Moggy'
I told him just to take care
as the ones in the bottom got soggy!

Sadly the photos of Tom
in his Andy Pandy suit
were all on a film that got lost.
But he really did look a hoot!

We had some fantastic parties.
Now I'm too old to do them I fear.
As it nears to the 4th of November -
Oh God, I'll be 70 this year!


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