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Around The Sun: Public Speaking

Steve Harrison turns into a new evangelist on visits to a pub.

About this time I started to preach my views in public. I was an angry young man, disappointed in love, with a beef about the injustice and lack of friendliness that I saw in the world.

I drank with the directors of the advertising agency for which I worked. the directors from the new Ad Agency I worked for. The Agency was called Sell Advertising the directors were Chris and Mike. I tell you these details mainly to reassure myself that despite all the brain cells that have been destroyed by drugs and alcohol my brain still works.

While downing a couple of beers I would be mubling stuff about wars, starvation and the lack of love and respect in the world. Chris and Mike knew that with the right amount of booze I would get up onto a table and deliver a speech. While delivering it I would become animated, pointing a finger. "How come Chris,'' I would demand, pointing an accusing finger "can you sit there, all smiles, talking to George, then say when you're sober that you hate his guts? Why is it that you have to be drunk to like people?''

Continuing to point, I would say "There are poeple in here who drive big expensive cars and they are defrauding the Government by not paying income tax. Out there poeple are cold and hungry, and all because of your greed.''

I threw in words such as God and Justice. I presented olutions to the problems of the world. Peace, love, spread the wealth, give your neighbour a hug. That's the sort of evangelist I was.

People in the pub would cheer when I mounted my podium. They seemed to enjoy my party piece. I never had to buy my own beer in that pub.


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