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Classical Composers A-Z: Tomás Luis de Victoria

Peter Wintersgill summarises the life of Tomás Luis de Victoria, a Spaniard who composed church music.

1548 in Ávila near Madrid.

Adult Life
He went to live in Rome in 1565 where he was probably taught by Palestrina. He spent a few years on the staff of the Collegium Romanum, before becoming choir master at St. Philip Neri's Oratory, where he was ordained in 1575.

He returned to Spain in 1596, becoming choir master at a convent in Madrid, where he stayed until his death.

He wrote almost entirely church works, such as masses, motets, hymns, etc. also an office for the dead. Notable works include O Vos Omnes, O Quam Gloriosum, O Magnum Mysterium and Salve regina.

He died in 1611 in Madrid aged 63.


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