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U3A Writing: What Is Christmas?

Pat Rollnick sums up this special time in a poem.

It is the sweet spicy smell of the shops,
With cinnamon, nutmeg and chestnuts for roasting,
Almonds and raisins and sweet candied peel,
Pink sugar mice and marshmallows for toasting.

It is the cards that we send to our friends,
Thoughts of our dear ones, far overseas,
Presents and packages, ribbons and bows,
Crackers and tinsel and gay Christmas trees.

It is the snow and the sound of church bells;
And branches of holly and mistletoe green;
It is the sound of the carols we sing
With a lantern's bright glow shining over the scene.

It is the old folk, warm by the fire,
With memories and tales of Christmases past;
Children's bright faces - surprises in store,
When they wake to find Santa has called round at last.

Most of all it's a baby in stable so bare,
For there was no room in the inn for this child.
King of kings, Lord of lords, from Glory He came,
Yet humbled himself to reach out to the world.

Yes, this is Christmas, God's love shed abroad,
Repeated so often, year after year -
His promise of life, peace and goodwill
Through his Son, in our hearts, if we only will hear.

Ross on Wye U3A


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