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North American Dreaming: Farewell To The Summer Moon

The waning of the summer moon signals the end of boyish days, as William Burkholder's poem reveals.

Do visit Bill's Web site which is packed with poetic delights http://www.freewebs.com/nirvanasgate/index.htm

I bid farewell to the summer moon,
I welcome the autumn air,
The twilight of my youth,
Has suddenly appeared,

Of days gone by,
Of the do or die,
Parties where I drank all night,

I have quenched the thirst,
Of being the first
To come to this bye and bye,

My boyish ways,
Have been put to bed,

My selfish ways
Are nearly shed,

Farewell oh summer moon,
That your light
Now fading fast.

A wonderful distant memory
Of this
A young man's past.


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