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Here's Alison: How To Tell A Cat Lover

Cat lovers come in all shapes, sizes and ages as Alison Ross reveals.

You can tell a lover of cats
In the supermarket aisle
For they read the cat food labels
And tarry for a while

You can see them wondering
Would Puss like this or that?
And you'll know that what they have at home
Is a very Special Cat

There's lads with punk hairdos
Who linger in the aisle
Choose several tins of at food
And go off with a smile

There’s teenage girls in trendy clothes
Giggling at the boys
But one of them buys cat food
And looks at catnip toys

Then here’s a shapely matron
Really dressed to kill
But she stops there with her trolley
Which she proceeds to fill

A scruffy looking character
With a walking stick and all
Loads up with cat food treats
And heads out to the Mall

Every kind of person
Who loves a feline pal
Takes home some feline treats
And is greeted with 'Meow'

Then when Xmas time comes round
There’s a rush on catnip mice
And cat lovers buy a pussy-stocking
Don't you think that's nice?


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