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U3A Writing: Darkness At Noon

Prolonged power cuts in Johannesburg prompted Lee Cohen to write this poem.

Hark, hark , the people do bark
Another 5 hours in the dark.
I may as well go and walk in the park
Instead of stressing and making a rude remark.

From inside the fridge screams are heard
One of them comes from a frozen bird.
He swears a lot using an unsavoury word.
Sounding I think, quite absurd.

The books feel threatened; they cannot be read.
Their owners naturally went early to bed.
What could they actually do instead?
The darkness creates a feeling of dread.

Inside the oven sits a gorgeous chiffon
“Hey”, she shouts, “What’s going on?
The heat in here is practically none.
If I don’t start cooking, how can I get done?”

The situation is really precarious,
Not at all funny, indeed quite serious.
Although electricity finds it hilarious,
Yet without light, it cannot be gregarious.

Darkness at noon,
That’s way too soon,
There isn’t even light from the moon,
Was this all started by some buffoon?

And so it goes on, one light and twilight and no light,
Seems like forever, that we’ll never come right,
There’ll be bits of day time, but mostly night.
Guess we’ll just have to get used to our plight.

So pick up a torch, and light a sweet candle,
For this little game, we must just handle.


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