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Here's Alison: Happy Birthday Sandy

Alison Ross wrote this poem for a young friend whose divorce coincided with her exís birthday.

Happy birthday, Sandy
And hereís your hearts desire
Youíve wanted it for years
For you always were a trier.

Itís not a groovy record
Or a pair of fancy sox
Itís not a blue movie
Or after-shave, all boxed

Itís not a lambswool cover
For the steering in your car
Itís not a free air-ticket
So you can travel far.

Itís not a set of spanners
Or a positive attitude course
Itís not a brand new shirt
Itís simply a divorce.

Yes, Iím giving you your freedom
A divorce is what youíve got
Happy birthday, Sandy
Iíve just untied the knot.


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