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Poetry Pleases: Life's Story

Linda McLean's poem brings the reassurance that after life's storms there is calm.

The trees stand lonely and aloof
The waves crash on the beaten shore
Clouds gather in the heavy skies
The storm will break, and thunders roar.

No birds sing in this darkened world
Loud silence fills the empty air
The foliage turns a deeper hue
The hiss of rain is everywhere.

Then, suddenly, with violent force
Fierce yellow forks pierce blackened sky.
We gaze on this with reverent shock
And then begin to wonder – Why?

But rain will shortly disappear,
Clouds scatter from sun’s brightening ray
Birds sing again, and seas be calm
To greet the dawn of tranquil day.

Life’s story. Troubles often come –
But soon to go and leave behind
The sad but distant memories
To fill a recess of the mind.

There’s always something, someone new.
Let time act as the healing balm
Forget the past, and all the wrongs.
Always, after the storm, a calm.


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