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U3A Writing: More Than Words

Kind actions can echo down the years, says Merle Parkin.

More than words, the fleeting touch
That tells the lonely you are there;
More than volumes speaks the smile
That sends a welcome, shows you care.

Does the soul outside your circle
Look so lost and shy and sad?
Beckon with a wicked wink That says,
"You're one of us, my lad."

Spare the homely, dowdy woman
An admiring glance or two;
She will blossom into something
Almost lovely, thanks to you.

Leave a thirsty bird some water,
And he'll bless you with his song;
With little drops of loving kindness
Fill the day, though it be long.

Tiny gestures, made in earnest
Will re-echo down the years,
Building mountains of good feeling,
Casting sunshine on all tears.

Nice turns return a thousand fold
To brighten up some distant day;
Each tiny seed of love broadcast
Will bloom with more than words can say.


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