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North American Dreaming: What Should Be

William Burkholder's poem suggests that we should strive to achieve more than we were thought capable of achieving.

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Degeneration of the mind's eye,
Degradation of the will,
Maladies of apathetic encumbrance.

Chained to an indifferent plow,
Sowing crooked rows,
Reaping rancid grains.

Grinding under a square
Miller’s stone,
All corners,
Lots of noise,
With little substance to show.

That we come to such things
Replete with the sorrows of life;
Is a self sustained,
Self perpetrated phenomenon.

To fly so high;
And then to pull the pin,
Grenading ourselves.

Crashing and burning,
Prophesy, self fulfilled?
I know not.

Determination and will,
Strength in resolves number,
Power in man's heart to

Achieve, to
Persevere, to
Rise, and
Surpass the sum
Of his perceived lot in life.

Aye this is what should be.


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