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U3A Writing: Boy, Bike And Horse

It was a speed contest between horse and bike following a theft at the garden centre, as Sandy Saunders' sprightly poem reveals.

The lane was steep and narrow
You descended it with care
But at its base there nestled
A garden-centre fair.

The staff were warm and friendly
Of retail guile bereft.
So while they stopped and chatted
Much stock was lost to theft.

They hired a store-detective
To try to stem the loss,
Dressed as a Western sheriff
He rode a big white hoss.

It worked out fine for quite a time
The losses came right down.
And sheriff's reputation
Re-echoed all round town.

Until a crafty truant boy
Bunked off from local school
By means of devious dirty dodge
Stole steel entrenching tool.

Walked boldly past the check-out
Held tool high over head
And to the check-out girl he said,
"I'm taking it to Ed."

He ran to bike in car park
Tied tool to cross-bar tight
Then free-wheeled off straight down the lane
Was quickly out of sight.

The girls recovered quickly
And to the sheriff said,
"Ed's not come in to work today,
And that young villain's fled."

The sheriff vaulted on his horse
Spurred out of exit gate
Pursued bike at the gallop
In most excited state.

The traffic on the major road
Roared by with horns a-blaring
But sheriff's hoss laid back his ears
And galloped on not caring.

The truant thought he'd got away,
He laughed with carefree rapture.
How little did the young fool know
How close he was to capture.

For hoss came down the grassy verge
His hooves made little sound
So when the lights all turned to red
Hoss swiftly made up ground.

Upon the thief's bike's handlebars
A mirror gleamed so bright.
It gave young truant quite a view
Of those behind and right.

But hoss was on the grassy left
He closed in unobserved
So thief was caught in traffic tight
An end put to his wilful flight
Led off to fate deserved.

Taw U3A


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