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Here's Alison: My Bucket List

Step One - Read Alison Ross's before-the-Bucket-is-kicked list.

Step Two - Compile your own Bucket list.

Step Three - Set about ticking off all the items you've put on your list.

Before I kick the Bucket
There are things Id like to do
So Im making up a Bucket List
And maybe you should too

The first thing that I dream about
Would be to have a snowball fight
Cause Ive never yet touched snow
And Id like to put this right

Id follow that by a ride
In a fab hot-air balloon
It would be quite awesome
So Id like to do this soon

We could stay at Hot Water Beach
Dig a hole there in the sand
Watch it fill up with hot water
A Natural Spa Pool, ooh thats grand

The Sky Towers is on my list
For Id love to win some lolly
In the high-rise casino
Now that would be quite jolly

But better than the money
Wed be way up there so high
And see the city down below
And feel we owned the sky

Then just south of Auckland city
Where one might hesitate to call
Theres a really truly spook house
That frightens one and all

Id love to visit just for fun
Its a place we shouldnt miss
To see if they can scare us
So, its going on my list

We might take a helicopter ride
To where the Northland breakers roll
And dig up some toheroas
Scoop them out and eat them whole

Another thing Id like to do
So my creative juices could ignite
Is see the beautiful Butterfly Farm
Which would fill me with delight

Next wed visit one more time
Our secret place of bliss
Wed dance beneath the waterfall
And share a lovers kiss

Then finally on my list
Thered be but one thing left to do
Just take my memories home with me
And thank the lord for you!


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