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Poetry Pleases: New Dawn

Open Writing has already published two poems by Tracy Gaddin, who in her all-too-short life wrote words which brought comfort to others who also suffered from mental anguish.

Those poems, which can be read by typing Tracy's name into the search box on this page, were greeted with enthusiasm by readers around the world.

Here now is another poem by Tracy, written when she was not feeling unwell and was able to welcome the dawn of a new day. Our thnaks for to her mother, Dianne, for allowing us to publish it.

Break, break, break of dawn
Get up now, and don't yawn
The bed is warm
I know you're torn
It's the break of dawn

A new day has just begun
Resist temptation party person
Look to the rising sun
There's so many ways today to have fun.
If you decline the chance, you'll have none.

Party person break, break, it's day break,
Get up now and have the cake
Say the morning prayer for your soul's sake
Get up now, it's not too late.

Got my body, got my soul, got my brawn.
Thank you G-d, I'm so glad its dawn.


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