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Yorkshire Dialect: Ringin' t' Changes

It's impossible to get away from the neighbours when Yar Ethel rings the holiday changes, as Mike Shaw's dialect tale reveals.

Afta a looad o' argy-bargy a month or two back, me an' yar Ethel decahded ter gooa ter Cleethorpes fer us 'olidays this yeear. We'en been gooin' ter Blackpool fer donkey's yeears an' Ah expected us dooin' t' same ageean, but Ethel sed shoo wanted a change this tahme.

"Ah dooan't see onny need ter change at yar tahme o' lahfe," Ah telled 'er. "It's just lahke wom fra wom i' yond little guest haas, an' tha's nivver sed ther's owt up wi' it."

"Ah've nooa complaint abaat that, but Ah reckon we've getten inta a rut an' some fresh scenery'd do us a power o gooid," Ethel replahd.

Shoo went on an' on lahke a drippin' tap fer weeks on end until i' t' finish Ah gave in an' telled 'er ter book fer Cleethorpes.

"Reight, Ah'll do it straight away," shoo sed. "Ah'm fair lookin' forrard to it, an' it'll be grand not ter be bumpin' inta thi mates fra t' club ivverywheer we gooa."

Onnyrooad, we set off a week last Satdy an' it fair seemed strange not ter be gooin' across t' Pennines an' lookin' aat fer t' tower wen we used ter get cloise ter Blackpool.

Wen we eventually gate to us digs, t' woman seemed reight nahce an' friendly, an' yar Ethel wer struttin' raand lahke a peacock as shoo sed we'd done t' reight thing.

Afta we'd getten settled in Ethel suggested gooin' aat fer a sandwich an' gettin' some sea air in us lungs wi' a stroll on t' front. Wen we gate back to us booardin' haas we 'ad a wesh an' brush up ready fer us teea, an' Ah wer sooa starved Ah could 'ave etten a poorly monkey.

We'd just getten sat daan i' t' dahnin' room wen mi een ommost poppeed aat o' mi yed as who should walk in but Absolom Crowther an't' missus who live just daan t' rooad fra us. An' reight behand 'em wer a couple o' Ethel's mates fra t' chapel.

Ah grinned at Ethel across table an' sed: "Sithee, it's a wom fra wom 'oliday afta awl. If tha asks me we maht just as weel be i' t' chip-oil cafe i' Uddersfield!"


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