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Poetry Pleases: From The Train

A mere glimpse from a speeding train was sufficient to give birth to this poem by Caroline Glyn.

Out of the flat lands running
came the dream train,
and old walls were flicking
past us below, and gardens
royal on the fen.
"Where are we?" - "I don't know.
I think I've been sleeping."
But even now
we had not woken
and what journey was this?
We had forgotten
but below us the old walls
rambled in the sun,
a little city, keeping
secret gardens
(but the train saw all)
and for a flash, one
lit up with morning,
a walled heart glowing
as gold as nectarine,
rich flowering,
sunlight was held there;
brilliance blessed it
and an old tree rested.
It flashed and was gone,
the dream train ran on
into barren lands,
but the sunlight lasted.


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