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Yorkshire Dialect: Fun an' Games in t' Snow

The characters in Mike Shaw's dialect tale don't know whether to go walking or skiing.

Jack Bamforth, Tommy Sykes and me 'ad arranged ter gooa walkin' last Wednesday mornin'. But wen Ah looked aat o' t' bedroom winder at hauf-past seven, blow me if ther wan't a coverin' o snow.

Afta mi bowl o' porridge Ah wer settlin' daan wi' t' paper wen ther wer a knock on t' dooar an' Ah wer fair capped ter see Jack an' Tommy on t' dooarstep.

"Nay, yer daft devils, yer nooan baan aat i' this stuff, surely?" Ah asked.

"Wat's up, Bill, arta gettin' nesh i' thi owd age?" replahd Jack, turnin' up his coyt collar.

"It's gooid walkin' weather is this," sed Tommy. "It ull gi'e thee an appetahte fer thi dinner."

Well, Ah thowt Ah'd nooan be shown up, sooa Ah gate mi booits an' topcoit on an' we set off up th' 'ill.

"Yar Ethel reckons we're wrang in us yeds fer leeavin' t' fahresahde i' this weather," Ah sed.

We kept gooin' fer hauf a mahle or sooa an' bi that tahme it wer a reight blizzard. At t' top o' th' 'ill we awl stopped an' looked at wun another afooar Jack sed, "Well, we've stretched us legs onnyrooad, but 'appens we'd better get back naah."

Ah gave Tommy a look o' disgust an' sed, "Gooid walkin' weather didta say? Mooar lahke gooid ski-in' weather if tha asks me. Sithee, 'and ower thi walkin' stick ter gooa wi' mahne, an' Ah'll gi'e thee t' Colne Valley version o' t' giant slalom!"


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