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Fast Fiction: Head Piece

Richard Malinson tells another heady tale.

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'What we're going to do,' said the healer, 'is to unscrew your head ... like so ... and place it in this warm towel ... like so ... and leave it here, on this table ... like so ... while I go and take a look at - '

'Are you sure this is a good idea?' I asked from the table.

A brown-eyed nurse leaned over me.

'You must not disturb the healer,' she said.

After a while I said, 'This towel is cold - may I have another?'

'No, only one towel per head,' said the nurse.

'Grah,' I said.

"You really must speak English,' the nurse said.

'How much longer?' I asked.

"Ready now,' said the healer, coming across and lifting my head.

'Now,' he said, 'we will just screw it back on ... like so ... and there you are, better than new ... nothing to worry about ... please pay the nurse and she will show you out.'

As we stood outside I kissed the nurse on the cheek.

'Goodbye,' I said. 'I shouldn't think we'll meet again, now that I've got my head screwed on properly.'

Her lovely eyes looked straight into mine.

'That's what they all say,' she murmured.


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