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Yorkshire Dialect: Monty's Lahkes an' Dislahkes

Yar Ethel learns a surprising thing about a dog when she goes for a stroll in Mike Shaw's latest dialect tale.

Yar Ethel capped me an' reight last week wen shoo sed shoo fancied a walk aat ter see aah t' spring bulbs an' watnot wer comin' on in t' village.

"Ah'm nooan talkin' abaat a fahve-mahle trek lahke thee an' Jack Bamforth gooa in fer," shoo explained."It'd just be nahce ter 'ave a stroll raand an' see t' first sahns o' Spring, lahke snowdrops an' t' buds on t' trees.

"I reckon we're in fer an early Spring this yeear wi' awl t' mahld weather we've 'ad, an' Ah've nooaticed t' bulbs i' yar garden are spruttin' rarely."

"Yus, Ah'll keep thee company, seein' as Ah've nowt better ter do an' Jack Bamforth's busy decoratin'," Ah replahd, puttin' on mi cap, coit an' scarf.

Sure enough, wen we wer walkin' daan t' rooad ther wer a fair few snowdrops comin' through, an' ther wer even some blossom on a bush in Jooa Sykes's garden.

Whahle we wer lookin' ovver Jooa's garden wall, Tom Broadbent came walkin' smartly up t' street wi' 'is alsatian, Monty, just as if 'e wer still a sergeant-major in th' Army. Just afooar they gate level wi' us t' dog started growlin' at Ethel an' shoo backed away lahke a frahtened moggy, but it just sniffed at me an' licked mi 'and lahke a long-lost friend.

"Ah dooan't think it lahkes women as mich as men," chortled Tom as 'e marched past an set off up th' 'ill.

We'd a gooid look raand mooast o' t' gardens, an' as we wer on us way back wom t' childer wer just comin' aat o' schooil.

Just then Tom came walkin' back daan th' 'ill wi' Monty trottin' along at t' sahde of 'im. Wen we met up Ethel grabbed 'owd o' mi arm an' asked Tom anxiously, "Does thi dog lahke childer then?".

"Aye, it does that, missus" replahd Tom wi' a smahle. "But, not mooar ner one a day!"


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