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U3A Writing: The Luck Of The Drawer

Rose Perry recalls the drawer in which her grandmother kept “treasures’’.

I remember when I was young, my grandparents owned a huge cedar chest of drawers, into which my grandmother placed special treasures.

I loved to visit and always asked if I could look at her treasures. Many hours were spent as my gran took the treasures one by one out of each drawer, and told me why they meant so much to her.

There was a broken piece of porcelain from a dinner plate which she used when she played hopscotch as a young girl.

One of my favourites was a small statue of a brown and white puppy with a fly on his nose, with facial expressions depicting the annoyance at the fly's presence.

One of Gran's favourites was a crystal butter dish in the shape of a rabbit, which had been a wedding gift from Pop. Her face would glow with the memories of that special day. There were times when she would sit silently, while I waited for her to consider her other special trinkets.

Her instructions were that each of her children and grandchildren was to eventually have one treasure from her chest of drawers.

After her death, a list was discovered on which her treasures were recorded. The name of the items were each written on separate pieces of paper, and placed in a box. The same was done with the names of her grandchildren, and placed in a second box.

One of my aunts drew out the name of a treasure, and then the name of one of the grandchildren was taken out from its box.

I was so delighted when my name was called. The treasure for me was the crystal butter dish. That was truly the luck of the drawer!


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