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Here's Alison: The Master Of All

When the cat's got to go he lets everyone know, as Alison Ross's poem reveals.

What is he doing?
What is he saying?
The Cats at the door
Meowing and wailing

Hes pushing and thumping
And crashing like a ram
Meowing and wailing
As loud as he can

I look at the clock
Its ten past the hour
I have to get up
But Id sooner cower

Under the blanketsDreaming my dreams

But he wants to go out
Good lord how he screams!

He wont use his litter box
Hes busting to pee
Get up Lazy So and So
Hes screaming at me!

So goodbye cozy bed
I finally give in
And head for the back door
Just to stop all his din

While he leads the way
With his tail in the air
And I shiver with cold
It doesnt seem fair

He wont use his litter box
Sweet smelling and clean
Unless were out for the day
And cannot be seen

It sits there unused
While we jump to his call
Its plain that he is
The Master of All!


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