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North American Dreaming: 'Tis Truth

William Burkholder's poem muses on the meaning of those lives sacrificed on the beaches of Normandy.

To read lots more poems please visit Bill's Web site http://www.freewebs.com/nirvanasgate/index.htm

Floating and drifting,
Dancing birds on ocean waves,
Feasting on Normandy's carnage.
Blood sucking parasites,
Sky rats.
Imbibing the remains of olive drab.
Pieces left there,
In shrapnel,
In sand,
Foreign sand they fell.
Home land they
Protected so well,
Ultimate sacrifices,
Too many to tell.
Victories prize,
Wrought in Hell,
Not in vain,
The loved ones to tell,
'Tis truth, 'tis truth, 't'is truth.
Marble Gardens of Warrior poets,
Words silenced now,
The dirt,
The Blood,
The sweat,
Finally relieved from brow.
In their repose,
We consider to suppose,
That sacrifice was meant to free,
Truth's assumption,
Waves like this flag,
Free and correct, Yes, I see.
'Tis truth, 'Tis truth, 'Tis truth.


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