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Poetry Pleases: You Were Made

Joyce Worsfold's poem reminds us of why we exist.

Amid crisis and conflict, turbulence and terror
You were made, to make a difference.
In the darkness and the drama and the crashing and the chaos
You were made... to make a difference.
In the breaking of the morning
And the silence of the evening
And the majesty of mountains
And the heart-aching of birds singing
You were made... to make a difference

And is the difference in the contours of your face?
Your shape? your height? your designated place?
Your sexual prowess? Your athletic stride?
Will any of these make a difference
In the overall scheme of things?
In the crying of the hungry
And the weeping of the mothers
In the fighting and the hating In the caring for all others
What will make the difference?

Only your ability to love.

You were made to make a difference!


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