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North American Dreaming: Gentle Mist

A gentle mist is part of Mother Nature's way of blessing a new day.

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Out of rough hewn furrows,
Deep in the woods,
A gentle mist rises,
To envelop and caress,
Grass and leaf alike,
To quench their thirst,
That had grown through the night.
Wild land creatures,
Come and drink from her cup,
Mother nature has seen fit,
To bless a new day.
Dressed in all her glory,
A wreath atop her head,
With garbs of wild flowers,
That she had yet to shed,
Innocently I witness,
As the day unfolds,
The wonder and amazement,
That Mother Nature holds.
The deer, the fox, the hummingbird,
Of all her creatures,
Yet unheard.
They bask safely deep in the wood,
As a gentle mist rises,
All is understood.


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