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U3A Writing: If I Were A Kookaburra

Elwyn Frankel tells of a bird's life.

On starting out this morning, I was feeling kind of down
And everything around me seemed just plain brown.
Ah, Mr Kookaburra, why do you chuckle so?
Is it that you're happy, or is it something that you know?
You sit atop the tall gum tree as I go walking by.
You laugh as though your lungs will burst, I really wonder why
Have you some deep dark secret tucked within your heart?
Is something going on here? I'd like to play a part.
But, as I go along the bank among the trees to wander,
I guess your little secret is just left for me to ponder.
The pelicans ignore you, and the ducks they pay no mind.
The Cormorant on the dead tree branch, it seems he must be blind.
But never mind what they all think, and don't you feel too bad.
Just laugh, my friend, with all your might, you make my heart feel glad.


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