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Bonzer Words!: In Droughts Like That

Belinda Broughton's poem comes shimmering from the heat of Australia.

Belinda writes for Bonzer! magazine. Please visit www.bonzer.org.au

In droughts like that
crows gloss black and gloat.
Carrion eaters are welcome, needed
when air is rank and days are spent
roping dead cattle/roos,
and dragging them
from waterholes.

In droughts like that
water can kill a beast,
the last straw after walking so far
from the last straw of grass
white skeletons also
like eating paper.

In droughts like that
men's eyes bleach pale.
Sunshine comes even from the ground
and the sky is empty and never quite blue
for days and years.

In droughts like that
men's shoulders lower.
Their hats seem wider
over brows that furrow
and crack like dried mud.

Belinda Broughton


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