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Yorkshire Dialect: Jooa Drinks ter t Future

This week one of Mike Shaws Yorkshire characters announces his anti-flu measures.

Yar weathers nooan natural these days, reckoned Jack Bamforth ovver a pahnt at t club ovver Easter.

Its awl gooan haywahre in t last few years, e sed.

Weve getten ter t stage wen thas a job ter tell whether its spring, summer, autumn or winter.

Afta a swig o mi ale Ah telled Jack at Ah wer bund ter agree wi im.

Its nooar ealthy awther, Ah sed. Thers been awl sooarts o bugs gooin raand an Ah reckon they breed i this warm weather.

Just then Jooa Sykes comes in an gets issen a pahnt o Guinness afooar comin ovver ter join us.

By gum, Jooa, its unusual ter see thee wi a glass o t black stuff, Ah sed, but it looks i good nick.

Yus, Ah thowt Ahd trah some ter build missen up a bit, e replahd.

Ahve ad a nasty dooase o flu over t weekend an Ah feel as weak as a kitten.

It came on in a flash. One minnit Ah wer awlreight an t next Ah gate a tickle in mi throit.

Wen Ah gate ter bed Ah started wi ot sweats an then cowd shivers.

Ah telled im e looked a bit washed aat an e sed ed ave been a lot war but fer is wahfes erbal medicine.

It did me sooa much good at Ahve med sure t flu wint come on as sharp ageean. Ahve tekken an extra dooase just ter be on t safe sahde.


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