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U3A Writing: Later In Life

"Later in life is a very exciting time for me,'' says positive-thinking Jim Moore.

Everything that I do seems to be later in life.

I didn't have a proper girlfriend until I was 24, and then I went on to marry her.

I didn't start to play football until I was 23, by the time most blokes are into their prime years.

I had a number of jobs over the years, but not because I was looking for the perfect occupation.

By the time that was getting near retiring age, I started to do some of the things that had escaped me for so long, such as travelling around Australia, and also a couple of trips overseas.

In the early years, overseas seemed to me to be a waste, there was too much of Australia to see first.

And then there was the writing. I was always interested in genealogy, without knowing the word or what it meant.

My grandparents came out from the Isle of Man in 1890. What prompts people to uproot themselves and move half way around the world in search of a better life? I talked to them and made lots of notes. What were they doing in IOM? Where did they live? Why did they decide to move? How was the trip out? What happened here?

I had stacks of notes, and later in life I bought a computer and it is all now on file.

And writing for pleasure or interest, I joined a writers' group at U3A and have been able to have a few articles published in their magazines.

I am also writing a story called "Traveller's Tale" outlining my move to Melbourne, and subsequent travels around Australia.

I don't feel old, just slower and weaker. I used to be able to lift that pot plant easily, but now I have to think twice about it, and usually get the trolley.

My father died at 74, and I am past that hurdle. Eventually I too will die, but I am in no hurry for that to happen. I am having too much fun being alive.

At the moment, I am careering towards a golden wedding anniversary, and that should be a good enough excuse for a party.

Later in life is a very exciting time for me.


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