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Yorkshire Dialect: Seaside Bingo

When you're retired it's enjoyable to watch other folk working, says one of Mike Shaw's dialect-speaking characters.

It wer sich grand weather last week 'at Jack Bamforth an' me wer aat i' t' fresh air nearly ivvery day. Not 'at we did a lot o' walkin', mahnd yer, it wer ter wot fer that. But we 'ad a nahce stroll i' t' sun an' Ah wer fair suited wen we cud wetch sum caancil workmen sweeatin' lahke pigs whahle mendin' t' rooads.

"That's wun o' t' best things abaat bein' retahred," Ah sed ter Jack. "Tha can wetch other fowk towin away an' think aah lucky tha are ter be done wi' it awl."

We walked up t' snicket an' met up wi' Charlie and Jooa, sittin' on a seeat at t' top o' th' 'ill.

"Tha can say wat tha lahkes, but Ah reckon ther's nooa need ter gooa on 'oliday wen ther's views lahke that on t' dooarstep," Ah sed, lookin' up t' valley.

Charlie lit up 'is pahpe an' sed,"That's a reight picture, Ah know, but tha dun't gooa on 'oliday jist fer t' scenery, tha knows. T' missus sez it's fair grand ter get up i' a mornin' knowin' at shoo's baan ter 'ave 'er meeals med fer 'er asteead o' cookin' an' bakin' awl t' tahme. An' Ah reckon ther's nowt lahke a complete change fra dooin' t' same things wi' t' same fowk awl t' yeear raand."

"That's awl reight i' theory," Ah replahd, sittin' missen daan on t' seeat next ter Charlie. "But it dun't allis work aat lahke that i' practice.

"A couple o' yeears back Ethel an' me decahded ter spread us wings an' gooa ter Eastbourne fer a week. We wer jist fahndin' us way raand wen t' first fowk we saw on t' prom wer Harry and' Mary fra jist daan t' street. Yar Ethel wer tickled pink. An' blow me if Mary an' 'er din't finish up laikin bingo ivvery other neet.

"That wer nooa change - especially wen they lost their brass ivvery tahme jist lahke they do at wom!"


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