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Around The Sun: Study In Texas

Steve Harrison decides to leave Australia to study at a preaching school in Texas.

There is absolutely no limit to what a man can achieve when he doesn’t care who gets the credit.

I made up my mind then and there that I was going to study the Bible full time.

I was working as an Art Director at Sydney’s McCann Erickson advertising agency, but was stifled by internal squabbling and bickering. The day after my baptism I handed in my resignation.

Where was I going, and who would look after me? I told them Jesus Christ, and meant it.

They accepted my resignation but wanted me to stay on in a freelance capacity. They liked my work. I had had my fill of office politics. Folk there were so confused they would stab you in the front.

I joined a small pharmaceutical advertising agency Cooper Shillington West. My work was instantly approved. No more internal wrestling with those guys in suits.

I worked for them for a year, saving as much money as I could. I saved enough to enter the Sunset School Of Preaching in Lubbock, Texas. I knew very little about the school but it came very highly recommended. Those connected with it had impressed me with their their knowledge and wisdom based on the Bible.

I applied and received a visa to study in the USA. I had saved AUD$10,000, which I thought was enough. There was only one loose end, I contacted an accountant and told him my plans, instructing him to settle any outstanding tax I might owe the Australian government.

I was all set to go.

The Australian government got back real quick. Guess what I owed them. AUD$10,000.

Talk about a spanner in the works.

The small agency really liked my work and was sorry that I wanted to leave. I asked if I could stay with them for another year, postponing my studies in Texas. That was when God intervened. The agency merged with another agency. We relocated to their offices in downtown Sydney. Within a week I was summoned to the new director's office. I was surplus to his requirements.

My old boss was broken hearted, saying he had been looking forwards to working with me for another year. I was given two choices. Work for a month, and take two weeks' holiday pay, or receive six weeks' wages and leave then and there. I was out of the place in a heartbeat with a cheque for AUD$3,000.

That was enough to pay for my air fare and give me enough to live on for two months in Texas.

I had been given a very definite shove.


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