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Poetry Pleases: The Departure

Caroline Glyn's poem captures the moment of a leave-taking.

The station loomed above us like a grey temple
And you looked up, bright-faced, and led me in.
I heard it full of stillness under the noise,
Waiting for you. I was sleepwalking,
Following into your dream. You were there
But I did not know you. There were signals up
For you, but not for me; this was your place,
Not mine. I was a ghost or a shadow here.
This was your journey. And then I saw your train
So strange and dark was it that I was afraid,
But I was there only because I loved you.
Not my train, not mine ever, but I watched
And bore its silent presence for your sake
And blessed your journey as I could, and even
Your destination past all imagining.
And in the end, when we had said goodbye
(Already in different worlds) I loved your train,
That was everything to you now, and to me
An unknown god, or God unknown, and dark.


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