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U3A Writing: The Ptomaine Pair

Vera Sanderson, subtitling her poem Something in the Wind – the Tale of a Terrible Gale, tells of a breezy pair of lovers.

In youth’s sweet spring the lad and lass
Did tumble gaily in the grass
Whilst gentle zephyrs sent caresses
Through the silky softness of their tresses.
Their breath was fresh as morning dew,
Rose-scented was the wind that blew
As softly in the morning mist
They gazed and fondled, laughed and kissed.
And he would run and jump and tease
His true love with a gusty breeze.

When youth and maid were man and wife
The wind of change blew through their life.
The years rolled on. The wind roared too,
No longer scented like the dew
But odorized with prunes and such.
It really was a bit too much.
Fluorescent gases round the room
Illuminating winter’s gloom.

To light his pipe he struck a match.
The gas ignited and dispatched
The pair into the air.
Of earthly fetters they were free
From here through all eternity.
They blew and blasted far above
For naught could change their wind-tossed love.
Above the clouds their odours blend –
Ptomaine lovers to the end.


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