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North American Dreaming: This Palette

Pity for the man with the color blind heart and soul, says poet William Burkholder.

To read more of Bill's moving poetry please visit his Web site http://www.freewebs.com/nirvanasgate/index.htm

We come to this life squeezed, pushed,
Pulled into existence, red and screaming,
Helpless, nurtured and fed from
Areola brown and white Mothers milk.
We grow and become aware of blues skies,
Yellow suns, emerald waters.

Dark days visit;
We see the pallor shades of gray,
We learn, we see the envy greens in the eyes of those
Who have stayed to long in those gray places.

I have seen these things, but above all my color; Passions Red!
Of life and it's many colors, this palette of never ending beauty!
Pity for the man with the color blind heart and soul!

He needs only to surrender to life's rainbow,
Allowing himself to be blessed by these;
Life's colorful hues .


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