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Feather's Miscellany: Atonement

John Waddington-Feather points the way to peace of mind and a meaning to life.

In a world becoming more complicated and more frenetic; when the rat-race is taking over life, taking over men and women and their families, atonement with God is more crucial than ever.

Atonement, at-onement, is being at peace with our Creator and one with Him. For Christians and other faiths we reach God through prayer and meditating, thinking about God and what lifeís all about. For Christians, that prayer is through Christ who we believe redeemed us from sin and evil by his death and Resurrection, restoring us to one with God and bringing us peace of mind and spirit.

We believe that only by concentrating out minds on Christís life and teaching can we attain the peace God offers. Only by daily prayer and reading our bibles sensibly are we able to see God at work in our lives and, more importantly, how our lives fit into the Divine life and will.

It all sounds so simple Ė and it is! Once God has been accepted into our lives, life begins to make sense and we see it through new eyes. Without God our lives are meaningless. All weíre left with is the rottenness of life which the media spew out daily. We begin to see only lifeís misery and not its meaning.

Iím as guilty as the next person whinging about life; gossiping about current atrocities, murders, scandal and corruption, presented to us by manipulated newspapers and television lacking by and large any integrity, like the politicians and tycoons who run them.

My conversation becomes all about death and destruction, my own illnesses and the illnesses of others. Then it moves to wider terrible events in the world. Before I know where I am Iím caught up in a downward spiral of depressing talk
which I inflict on my relatives and friends. Only by making a determined effort to pray my way out of the morass do I see the light, see the positive side of life and begin counting the many blessings poured upon me: my family, grandchildren, friendship, beauty both natural and manmade, the richness of humankind and its compassion for those in need.

That doesnít mean I bury my head in the sand and pretend life is a bed of roses. But it does mean that by looking at life positively Iím better able to help others who are suffering. Evil is a mystery, but it is a mystery we can resolve by doing something about its effects through prayer and action. It means being at one with God and doing his will Ė loving him first, then our neighbours, who in Britain today may be from the other side of the world and of another faith or none.

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