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Poetry Pleases: Celestial Being

Tracy Gaddin, who died while still young, knew what it was like to live through the depths of anguish and self-doubt.

Yet from those depths she drew inspiration for poems which have affected readers on every continent.

Three of her poems have already appeared in Open Writing. To read them type Tracy's name in the search box.

Here now is another of her poems, an endearing expression of her love for her aunt, the sister of her mother Dianne.

Tracy's words live on, bringing comfort to those in need.

Darkness, I look towards a glimmering star
And reflect how near and yet so far
The healing iridescence soothes my aching core
This feels so good and I beseech for more

Bountiful goodness Celestial Being harkens
Fire hot poker darkens
The pain is no more
Instead passion for life and something to live for

Dusk approaches and I stand tall
Rejuvenated, invigorated - I shall not fall
Celestial Being, our time together has been fleeting
I fear not and anticipate our next meeting

Celeste, the times have been precious that we have spent together
In my mind the memories will remain forever
I love you with all my heart
It saddens me greatly that we must part

You have inspired me and changed my life attitude
Thank you, Cel, I offer you my undying gratitude


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