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U3A Writing: Flowers that Bloom in the Spring Tra La

Janet Richard's poem celibrates the joys of Spring.

Arriving, quietly breaking the ground,
They make their appearance without a to-do,
Perfect and new, their colours subdued,
Surprising the senses in subtle array.
The flowers that bloom in the Spring - tra la

A wonderful thing is the Spring.
We leap forward an hour from our winter aroused,
And nature awakes to the sound of the rakes
As gardeners prepare for the bloom of the year,
And birds everywhere have a new love affair - tra la.

Spring blooming is natural, gentle and light,
As often in secret and dead of the night
Sweet primroses push through the warming damp soil
And offer that gentleness quite without toil,
Without worry or fear for the future - tra la.

Blooming in Summer is blousey and brash,
The brightness of hues is like cymbals that clash
And shout their great message in garden and park, Saying, 'Look at me, dance with me, let's have a lark,
See my colours alight' - tra la.

Blooming in Autumn's all brown, red and gold,
With seeds dropping down as the fat pods unfold.
Nature, changing her gifts from flowers to fruits, Keeps the memory of blooms in those seeds for next year,
As her life cycle slows under big harvest moon - tra la.

In winter the bloming is deeper and slow,
As the end of the dance brings the cold and the snow.
Everything rests except berries for birds,
And the brave evergreens keep faith without words,
And magic is working in soil everywhere tra la.

So, beautiful flowers that bloom in the Spring,
Bloom as you will, catch the wind and the rain.
Stand up proud as the first of the year.
Beating Summer, Autumn and Winter by far
Are the flowers the bloom in the Spring tra la.


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