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Open Features: John Braham

Peter Wintersgill tells of John Braham, a singer admired by George IV.

20th March, 1774, in London.

At age 10, boy soprano at Covent Garden

Studied with Rauzzini

Adult life
He was a piano teacher until 1794.

Cimarosa wrote Artemesia for him 1801.

Braham sang in oratorio and in the Three Choirs Festival. His second debut was at Covent Garden 1801.

He often wrote his own part, notably in The Americans and The Death of Nelson in 1811.

He sang Max in Weber's Der Freischutz 1824 and created the role of Sir Huon in his Oberon in 1826.

Braham had a fine voice and was admired by all, including George IV.

He died on 17th February, 1856, in London, aged 82.


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