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U3A Writing: Panic And Haste

Anna Golitschenko tells of a day of panic which had a tasty ending.

As one travels along life's road some of our body functions diminish and one acquires little attachments to help us lead a normal life.

So as I was sitting one morning enjoying my breakfast (I only had an appointment for a medical test later that morning) and as I am very fond of chocolate, plain dark, and always have some in the fridge, I got a little square and was sitting happily gnawing it. Then something felt wrong in my mouth, and on inspection I found I had broken a bit off my dentures. To add insult to injury, a single tooth followed. End of enjoyment of chocky.

I sat there stunned. What to do?

It was Easter week. Where could I get the teeth mended? The thought of Easter without dentures was unthinkable!

Panic set in. My thoughts raced. I would go and have my test, then visit the dentist.

No! I rang the dentist, to be told, they don't do dentures anymore. One has to go to a dental technician.

I was supplied with the relevant information. I rang there with my story and was told to bring the dentures as fast as possible and I might get them back that evening.

Hastily I sprang into action to get ready to deliver the dentures.
The lady at the dental place gave me some hope for the return of my Bities the same day.

I had also planned to do other errands while in town. I still had a little time before my medical test, so I went to do errand number 1.

Much to my horror, I discovered I had left my Eyes at home. (I wear reading glasses!) I managed.

On to the test. The lady there was talking to me, but I did not hear too well. Yes, I also had left my Ear at home (hearing aid). I told her of my woe and asked if she would please speak a little louder. We managed.

Next to the chemist to put a script in. It would be about 10 minutes. I would call later in the day.

Had to get home, was expecting a caller just after lunch.

LUNCH! What to have for lunch? I could not envisage chomping on a sandwich or anything else, although there are people who manage quite well without teeth.

So I settled for my best standby, a cup of tomato soup and a bread roll to dunk in the soup, half a roll. The other half I used with my mother’s revival recipe, a cup of coffee and dunk the rest of the roll.

Had a good laugh with my caller over the happenings of the day!

Late afternoon the dental technician rang to say my dentures were ready. I could not get in there fast enough! The technician handed me my dentures, not on a tray just out of his hand, bone dry, so I asked if he would please wet them, then I slipped them in my mouth. I felt a whole person again. What a relief.

As I left, the technician said, "Enjoy your meal."

I sure did.


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