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About A Week: Snakes Alive!

Steve Harrison tells of a man who set out to prove that the hand is quicker than the snake.

If your gonna mess around with a rattlesnake make sure you can spot the end that has teeth – Texas wisdom.

David had quite a reputation at the Sunset Preaching School for his generosity. He always had an open house and many a soul found refuge and a home cooked meal under his roof. In fact it was very rare to walk into the house without there being a whole bunch of strangers eating Dorothy’s apple pie, or singing together. The house was a social gathering club for wandering souls.

David also had a reputation for his rattlesnakes. He kept several live snakes in glass cases around the house. Others which he had captured and killed had been encased in crystal clear plastic to be used as paperweights. The toilet seat in his house encapsulated a two-foot long rattler, which caused quite a stir among first-time visitors.

One day a visitor to the house began to boast about how quick his reflexes were. He said he had studied karate and other eastern martial arts techniques. He said that if David dropped a five dollar bill into one of the snake tanks, he would be able to retrieve it before the snake noticed that it was there. Ever ready to accept a bet, David promptly dropped a five dollar bill into the tank. The man made a grab for it. The snake was quicker than his hand. I recall his look of disbelif and horror as his hand swelled to twice its normal size and he started to lose cosnciousness.

We rushed him to hospital where the medical staff stabalized him. I don’t recall him ever coming around to David's house again.

I lived with David and Dorothy for most of my two years at the School of Preaching. With all the study and building work I was usually in a state of exhaustion. But I was determined that during my summer break I would go to work in India.


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