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Dr Ron's Laughter Clinic: Waltzing With A Porker

Sit down Mr Pig, you’re rocking the sty!

Ron Pataky’s eyebrow-raising rhyme will alarm all lovers of bacon.

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Strike Up The Music, The Pigs Are in Gear

When he first saw pigs dancing, Bert rubbed his sore eyes
But there they were … prancing around their sties
He wiped off his glasses and gazed down the lane
And noted the grasses were new-wet with rain

Since he’d never before seen his future hams dancing
He tested the water (‘twas non-dance-enhancing)
But they sashayed and cart-wheeled and generally bubbled
With unction that frankly left Burt slightly troubled

It was then he discovered that when the sun popped,
Though a few clouds still hovered, the pig dancing stopped!
He mulled it and glowered as he made his rounds
(Cause each time it showered his porkers lost pounds)

So Burt said a prayer for some mental infusion
And marvelled how quickly it reached resolution
The pigs, it was clear, would be leashed on a tether
To keep them from waltzing in inclement weather


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