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Poetry Pleases: A Broken Thread

Love hangs on a slender and fragile thread, says Linda McLean.

There is no hope now for the future
No looking forward to tomorrow
No love or joy or understanding sympathy.
These all were shattered into memories
When the thread broke.

A peaceful day in June it started -
With the sun dazzling my eyes as it
Shone on the alluring, tempting promises
Of love and future happiness
Hanging on a slender thread.

The months passed – and some dreams
Came true. Yet often there were moments
When sorrow and disappointment, unforetold,
Would pounce – but they, seemingly
Only strengthened that lovely thread.

“Seemingly” I say, for love is blind,
As my experience has taught me. What
Appeared as a rope, so firm in its texture,
Was still that thread –so
Beautiful – so fragile.

And now farewell. A storm has snatched
Away those youthful hopes. Love is
Too heavy a burden to be placed at the end
Of a flimsy thread.

How can one mend a broken thread?


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