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Yorkshire Dialect: A Gloomy Gulp

Sunday dinners are best eaten at home, as Mike Shaw's dialect tale reveals.

Ah allis say 'at eytin' an' suppin' are amang t' best things i' lahfe.

An' one thing Ah look forrard to ivvery week is mi Sunday dinner.

They reckon 'at t' way ter a man's 'eart is through is stomach, an' Ah think ther's a lot 'o truth in it.

T' other Sunday, afta mi rooast beef an' two veg follered bi a bowl o' rahce puddin', Ah wer just noddin' off in th' armcheear wen Ethel wakkened me.

"Ah forgot ter tell thee 'at we're baan aat for dinner next Sunday," shoo sed.

"Jane Taylor's getten a big do comin' up an' shoo's bowt a new dress fer it.

"T' trouble is 'at it's a few inches ter long. Sooa we reckoned 'at t' best arrangement would be fer us ter gooa for t' Sunday dinner an' then Ah'd 'elp 'er ter tek 'er frock up in th' afternooin."

"Oh, bloomin' 'eck. T' last tahme we wer theer, eytin' 'er trahfle wer lahke chewin' a sponge," Ah remahnded Ethel.

"Nay, it weren't as bad as that," shoo replahd. "T' trouble is 'at tha's been ter well treated at wom."

Onnyrooad, come Sunday mornin' we set off fer Jane's an' arrahved just i' tahme fer 'er 'usband Willie an' me ter pop aat fer a quick pahnt.

Wen we gate back Jane telled us shoo'd decahded ter do t' job reight an' 'ave Yorkshire puddin' wi' onion gravy on its ooan afooar us main cooarse.

It weren't a patch up ter Ethel's, but Willie scoffed 'is i' quick tahme an' sed ther wer nowt lahke a good Yorkshire puddin'.

Ah struggled ter get another maathful daan an' whispered ter Ethel, "Aye, but this is definitely nooan a good Yorkshire puddin."


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