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North American Dreaming: A River

William Burkholder tells of a river that flows with the tears of nations.

Do please visit Bill's Web site http://www.freewebs.com/nirvanasgate/index.htm

A river,
This river,
Its tributaries
The tears of nations
Tears of the Woman,
The Man, the Child.

The politicians,
The war mongers
Drink from its waters
Feeding their deadly motives
Dark resolve,

A river,
This river,
Its banks overflowing,
Flooding farm and field,
Drowning hope's content
Inundations of inhumane proportion.

O to see this river
Slow to a trickle,
To become a backwater
Of past regret,
Ultimately becoming
Sun baked, and parched.

A river,
This river,
Flows with the tears of nations,
Sad at the sight of the tumultuous wave.


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