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U3A Writing: Billabong

Barbara Tregonning's poem captures the essence of "wild'' Australia.

Ancient eucalypts in stillness lean
Without whisper.
Water: gun metal glass
Reflects expired sky,
Flamboyant carnage colour gone
Sunset's last sweeping banners past.
Fierce fireball sun has forged ahead from sight,
Other skies to conquer.
Night creeps on.

Late aerial stragglers - three pelicans
Returning from their outposts
Fly in, dip low,
Skid awkwardly to rest
Like quaint flying boats from some old war
With forward cargo holds
For spoils of their reconnaissance.
Other amphibians, invisible,
Plop and suck
Beneath the lily pads and slimy sedge.
This is the moment:
Vibrant mosquito song
Fills all the stillness.
Brave now the one who loiters
At this back water's edge.


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